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Metal Kids Playground BAB-P-14003
Metal Kids Playground BAB-P-14006
Metal Kids Playground BAB-P-14008
Metal Kids Playground BAB-P-14024
Metal Kids Playground BAB-P-14015
Wooden Kids Playground BAB-P-15500

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POLICY Being the leader in designing new products for the sector with solid and durable products in the field of children's play parks (game tools) and open-field indoor sports equipments that the society needs with the constantly developing with trained personnel and aiming to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities with the motto of "RESPECT FOR NATURE" to work with personnel who are constantly careful not to damage the environment and who have the consciousness of seeking ways to protect natural resources. To be in full compliance with the legal requirements and other requirements by determining the OSH hazards and taking precautionary management approach, continuously improving the management system at every point with the contribution of the supplier and all employees. Our Activity Areas   >> Children's Playground >> Aqua Parks >> Nature Parks >> Floor Coating (With Polyurethane Material) >> Decorative Pools >> Landscaping and Landscape Studies >> Imported Sapling (Trees between 4 and 6 meters) >> Construction Molding Cassettes (Fiberglass)



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“Cihad GÜZEL”


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